What is a Workforce Development Board?
Workforce Development Boards bring together representatives from business, labor, community-based organizations, education, human services, economic development and other groups to structure and develop policy to deliver local workforce development services. The Board’s mission is to create a local workforce system that enables individuals to become self-sufficient and continually upgrade their work skills; to ensure employers have the skilled workers they need to compete effectively in the global economy; and to connect unemployed and underemployed discouraged workers to jobs and careers.
Who are the customers of The Workforce Development System?
The workforce development system serves two primary customers: the job seeker, and the business community. Our job seekers’ goals are to secure employment, retain employment, upgrade skills, and maintain economic self-sufficiency. The businesses that are served want to find qualified employees quickly in a cost efficient manner.
The Workforce Development Board's role is to help meet all our customers’ needs by establishing those working relationships between the local workforce development system and the business community.
What areas does the Workforce Development Board Serve?

The Niagara County Workforce Development Board serves the geographic area of Niagara County, New York. There are currently 33 local area WDBs in New York State.

For more information on Workforce Development Boards and on the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) visit www.doleta.gov.

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